Marie Vakakis

I’m Marie, I’m so glad you found me.

I’m the director of Evexia Counselling Services. Welcome.

What can I tell you about me? I’m a little bit of a nerd. I sometimes make bad jokes. I love furry creatures (dogs in particular), hiking and camping. I am an experienced counsellor and family therapist offering psychological and relationship support online and in-person in Melbourne’s inner west suburb of Footscray.

My passion lies in helping people improve their mental health and wellbeing.  I specialise in working with young people as well as couples and families.

My style of therapy is very much like my personality: quirky, humble, funny, direct, and blunt in a caring way. I have a sense of humour about myself, and I encourage my clients to adopt the same attitude. I am incredibly enthusiastic and tend to get excited as we work together to create lasting change in your life. 

I incorporate a range of techniques such as ACT, CBT, EMDR and mindfulness in my work. I’ve invested in the highest level of training and professional development because I truly want to support you. I have some great tools I can share with you to help you improve your mental health, wellbeing, and relationships. What I really want you to know, is that I’m really invested in you.