Our Services

See Marie face-to-face in Footscray or online from anywhere in the world via video. No topic is off-limits or taboo. If you are ready for change, I am ready to support you every step of the way.

E counselling

Also known as e-therapy, teletherapy, or cyber-counselling. If you’re finding it hard to get to a counselling session e-counselling may be for you, it can be a really effective way of working through some of life’s challenges. This is a good option if you can’t get to a counsellor, if you live in a remote or rural community or if travel a lot for study or work. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy sessions , are often used to help support an individual who may be experiencing some difficult which may be affecting the entire family, such as an addiction, depression, or behavioural problems. This type of counselling can also be useful for addressing family-wide problems such as conflicts between siblings, spouses, or parents and children.

Counselling for young people

There is no shame in seeking support.  In fact it takes courage to challenge your experiences and see how you can better understand yourself and those around you. Whether it be bullying , exam stress, anxiety, issues with friends and relationships or trouble at home, we are here to help you better understand and deal with your feelings and the part you can play.  

Couples Counselling

We offer marriage and relationship counselling.

Seeking couples therapy when your relationship is suffering can be difficult and takes courage. Seeking support and discussing your innermost feelings and thoughts to a new person can be daunting.  At Evexia Counseling services all our therapists are compassionate, non blaming and non judgmental.