Teen Counselling

There is no shame in seeking support.  In fact it takes courage to challenge your experiences and see how you can better understand yourself and those around you. Whether it be bullying , exam stress, anxiety, issues with friends and relationships or trouble at home, we are here to help you better understand and deal with your feelings and the part you can play.  

Counsellors are health professionals who talk to you about some of the difficult things going on in your life, and help you solve them. There are lots of  different types of counsellors, with different approaches.

In the beginning it can be difficult to talk with someone, but you should stick it out if you have a good  relationship with that counsellor, if they’re not the right fit, its ok to ask to see someone else.

Is counselling confidential?

Counsellors work to a strict Code of Ethics which means they must inform you of the limits of confidentiality and then stick to these rules. Everything you say is kept confidential to the counselling service unless there is clear evidence that you or someone else may be at risk. We can share things with your permission to your family or school.