Conversations about Non-Suicidal Self-Injury.

This is one of the newest editions to the Mental Heath First aid courses. This is a 4-hour face-to-face course gives participants an opportunity to learn how to help someone who is engaging in self-injury.
It teaches:

• Why people engage in self-injury
• How to talk to someone about their self-injury
• How to help the person stay safe
• How to connect someone to appropriate
professional help
• How to assess for suicidal thoughts and behaviours.

More information on non-suicidal self-injury

According to an Australian national survey, 8.1% of people will engage in non-suicidal self-injury at some point in their lives.
Although it can occur at any age, self-injury is most common in adolescents and young adults. About 5% of 10 – 17-year-olds
and 75 of 18-24-year-olds have deliberately hurt themselves in the past year.