Tuning into Teens

Tuning into Teens Emotionally Intelligent Parenting.

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A six-session parenting program for parents of teens to help teens develop emotional intelligence.

Would you like to learn how to:

  • be better at understanding and talking with your child through this important developmental phase
  • help your teen learn to manage their emotions
  • help to prevent behaviour problems in your teen
  • teach your teen how to deal with conflict?

Tuning in to Teens teaches parents how to help their teen develop emotional intelligence – a key skill that can help them better cope with their emotions, become more aware and assertive, and have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults.

“Tuning into Teens” shows you how to help your teen develop emotional intelligence.

Adolescents with higher emotional intelligence:

  • are more aware, assertive and strong in situations of peer pressure
  • have greater success with making friends and are more able to manage conflict with peers
  • are more able to cope when upset or angry
  • have fewer mental health and substance abuse difficulties
  • have more stable and satisfying relationships as adults

Backed by evidence-based research, the program focuses on developing key skills in recognising and responding to your teen’s emotions, conflict management, and helping your teen develop emotional intelligence. 

Peoples hand in the middle with an orange box. inside the box it says a six session parenting program for parents of teen to help teens develop emotional intelligence

The program is designed to support parents to help and teach their teenage children to control, understand and express their emotions in healthy and positive ways. TINT is based on Tuning Into Kids (www.tuningintokids.org.au) and helps parents to recognise, understand and respond to their teen’s emotions, which in turn helps their teens manage their own emotions.  Tuning into Teens offers a range of approaches and strategies grounded in the idea of emotional intelligence.

The program aims to teach parents about how they, as parents, can help their teenage children develop good emotional skills.  For example:

  • awareness of what emotions their teen is experiencing
  • to view their teen’s emotions as an opportunity to connect with them and guide them
  • helping their teen identify and describe what they are feeling
  • learn to listen to their teen’s problems without judgement 
  • strengthen their and their teen’s skills problem solving and learning to cope with boundaries and limitations

The programs aims to teach parents how

  •  to communicate more effectively with your teen
  • understand your teen better
  • help your teen to manage those difficult emotions
  • help to prevent behavioural issues in your teen
  • teach your teen how to deal with conflict more effectively.

This course covers:

  • emotional intelligence and why it’s important
  • the five steps of emotion coaching
  • different parenting styles
  • anger and conflict management
  • problem solving
  • emotional self-care.

Ideal for

Parents of pre-adolescents and teenagers aged 12 to 16 years.

Please note: This group may not be appropriate for all parents. Please contact us if your family is experiencing family violence, significant mental health issues or child protection issues. We will talk to you about your circumstances and whether this group is suitable for you.

NOW offering Tuning into teen ONLINE